5 HR Rules Every New Small Business Must Know

    Congratulations! You’ve taken the leap into small business ownership, started growing, and now you’re ready to scale your team. At ProService, we understand that coordinating the administrative details of your business is no easy task, especially when it comes to Human Resources. To get you started, we’ve outlined the five “musts” of HR that every small business in Hawaii needs to know.

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    How to Keep Your Best Employees

    Below is an excerpt from ProService Hawaii’s latest ebook “Employee Retention in Hawaii: Strategies and Insights for Small Businesses”. We spoke with 5 local employers who have implemented innovative, successful employee retention programs and asked them to share their insights and strategies on how to keep employees engaged, happy, and at your company.

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    Is a PEO Right For You?

    THE OLD WAY of running a small business

    Traditionally, many small business owners in Hawaii were struggling to keep up with all the paperwork a growing company requires. From payroll and administration to employee health and retirement benefits to workers' compensation insurance, state and federal compliance issues and even worker training - small business owners were spending countless hours managing their HR needs, which was getting in the way of scaling their companies.

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