3 Tips for Hiring Great Millennials

Millennials.  Avocado toast. Selfies. Ruining beloved cultural institutions.  Okay, now that we got that out of the...
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The Basics of Health Insurance: What Your Employees Need to Know

By Shawn Ibara
It’s important to educate your employees about health insurance, especially during open enrollment season. Once you’ve selected your employee health plans for the new year, you should educate your team about any plan changes and walk them through...

Voluntary Benefits: A Winning Strategy for Employee Retention

By Shawn Ibara
In today’s competitive workplace, employee benefits have never played a more important role than they do now. Why? Because the workplace is changing. Low unemployment in Hawaii makes it hard to attract and retain workers, especially when...

Employer's Guide to Open Enrollment

By Michelle Steitz
Succeeding in business starts with building the right team. In Hawaii’s competitive job market, employers need to be attractive to employees just as potential hires must appeal to employers. The result? Competitive employee benefits have never...