Six Ways to Recognize Employees and Drive Engagement

National Employee Appreciation Day may have passed, but it doesn’t mean employee recognition should end. In fact,...
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How to Get Started Building Your Employer Brand to Attract New Talent

By Ruth Erickson
No matter the size, every company has a unique story to tell, and it can be used to create a compelling employer branding message that will not only help retain current employees, but attract top talent. In today’s candidate-driven market,...

4 Performance Management Best Practices for Employee Satisfaction

By Janina Abiles
According to a survey conducted by Energage, two-way communication is the largest differentiator in the leading companies noted as Top Places to Work. More so, numerous studies have shown a clear correlation between open, honest communication with...

Don't Let Rising Labor Costs Hurt Your Business

By Jody Aadland
Did you know that you can find significant savings on your labor costs—everything from healthcare and benefits to workers’ compensation and employee perks? The answer is HR outsourcing.

4 Laws of Habit Change: Advice From Our February Growth Series

By Ruth Erickson
Our first Growth Series event of 2019, “Atomic Habits: Compound Tiny Changes Into Remarkable Results,” took place on February 27 and featured James Clear, New York Times bestselling author, as our keynote speaker. We were honored to have him share...

Best Practices for Conducting Effective Interviews

By Tyler Tuipulotu
Employers in Hawaii are becoming increasingly frustrated with the state’s very low unemployment rate, and as a result, the challenge of finding skilled talent to fill open roles. To compete, employers should look at how they are recruiting and...

Should You Keep HR In-House or Get an HR Partner?

By Jody Aadland
Before we dig in to the debate, let’s quickly define what goes into HR, or Human Resources. Essentially, HR is anything and everything that relates to the management of your workforce. It involves recruiting and hiring new employees, assessing,...