4 Reasons Why Companies Offer Student Loan Repayment Assistance

As a leader in human resources at your organization, you’re always looking for ways to better serve and engage your...
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Michelle Leon-Guerrero


Michelle Leon-Guerrero currently serves as ProService Hawaii's Director of Benefits, and has been a dedicated Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll professional for 15 years. Her passion for developing and leading our talented team of benefits professionals helps to serve all of ProService's clients and their employees. As Director of Benefits, Michelle is responsible for overseeing Healthcare Administration, Voluntary Benefits Administration, 401k Retirement Plan Administration, Benefits Systems and Technology, and Annual and Client Open Enrollment. Michelle holds a Bachelor's of Science with a Travel Industry Management focus in Hospitality, and a Master's of Business Administration with a focus on Human Resource Management, both from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Michelle is also well-versed in Union Labor and Relations.

Recent Posts

What Hawaii Employers Need to Know About Tax Reform

By Michelle Leon-Guerrero
It hasn’t even been a year since President Trump Signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but it looks like we’re not done with tax reform yet. This summer, Congress began discussing a second round of changes, dubbed “Tax Reform 2.0.” While this latest...

Why Gender Diversity is Great in the Workplace

By Michelle Leon-Guerrero
Here’s a math problem that doesn’t quite add up: There are over 6 million jobs available in the U.S. today, yet more and more females are leaving the workplace. Another variable to add to the equation is the fact that, according to Gallup, only 35%...

How to Reduce Healthcare Costs for Your Business

By Michelle Leon-Guerrero
Healthcare costs can be a significant drain on many small businesses bottom line and are an important consideration when planning operating costs and budgets. Small businesses often struggle with attracting and retaining top talent when the costs...

What Hawaii Business Owners Can Learn From Other Businesses’ Parental Leave Policies

By Michelle Leon-Guerrero
With all the recent buzz around the advancement of Hawaii’s paid family leave legislation passing through the House and Senate, with the addition of a study to conduct a thorough analysis on the best way to frame the law awaiting the Governor’s...