Six Creative Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Do you have a “Best Boss Ever” mug on your desk? Or did your staff bring in treats to thank you for your leadership...
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5 Trends Reshaping the Work of HR in Hawaii

By Jody Aadland
HR as we know it has changed, especially here in paradise. It might be difficult to pinpoint why and how things have shifted, or when it started to feel different, but if you’ve been in business long enough, you know that managing employees,...

Five Ways to Advance Your Leadership Skills in 2019

By Ruth Erickson
Better leaders create better teams, which results in greater efficiency, productivity, and confidence. But becoming a more effective leader requires spending time and resources on learning and developing your skills.

5 Hacks to Kick Your Productivity Into High Gear

By Ruth Erickson
Whether you’re your own boss or a manager of a team, productivity in the workplace is a hot issue right now. We all want to work smarter, not harder, to get things done...and enjoy work/life balance in paradise too.

Do's & Don'ts: Are You Asking the Right Interview Questions?

By Janina Abiles
Have you ever made a bad hire? You’re not alone. Surveys have found that 48% of all new hires have to be replaced in the first 18 months. Hiring the wrong person can be an expensive mistake too—on average, a bad hire can cost a company 30% of the...