Don't Let Rising Labor Costs Hurt Your Business

Did you know that you can find significant savings on your labor costs—everything from healthcare and benefits to...
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Jody Aadland


Jody has over 5 years of HR experience in the PEO industry in Hawaii. His areas of expertise include HR strategy, employee healthcare, HR compliance, and employee retention.

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Should You Keep HR In-House or Get an HR Partner?

By Jody Aadland
Before we dig in to the debate, let’s quickly define what goes into HR, or Human Resources. Essentially, HR is anything and everything that relates to the management of your workforce. It involves recruiting and hiring new employees, assessing,...

5 Trends Reshaping the Work of HR in Hawaii

By Jody Aadland
HR as we know it has changed, especially here in paradise. It might be difficult to pinpoint why and how things have shifted, or when it started to feel different, but if you’ve been in business long enough, you know that managing employees, labor...

How to Keep Your Best Employees

By Jody Aadland
Below is an excerpt from ProService Hawaii’s latest ebook “Employee Retention in Hawaii: Strategies and Insights for Small Businesses”. We spoke with 5 local employers who have implemented innovative, successful employee retention programs and asked...

Is a PEO Right For You?

By Jody Aadland
Do you struggle to keep up with all the paperwork running a business requires? From payroll and administration, to employee health and retirement benefits, to workers' compensation insurance, state and federal compliance issues, and even worker...